Why Hip-hop beats are important for artists

By elite on Nov 30, 2016 in Beat Author Blog -

When aspiring Hip-hop artists are practicing their music, they think that the most important thing to work on is their lyrics. How hard and fast can they rap on a dime? But what really sets great artists apart is how well they work with the instrumentals. Hip-hop beats allow for the rhythm to give structure to the lyrics, so that the listener can ride easily with the story the Rapper is unfolding. Here are a few ways that the instrumental beats greatly affect the final song.


Out of the two elements of hip-hop music, the lyrics (rap) are certainly the most noticeable. But the instrumentals (beats) are what give the lyrics their place of being. Hip-hop is practically founded by the idea of taking a mix of existing things and putting them together to make something new. This is not only the case with the subject of the lyrics, but also with how the lyrics blend with the instrumentals.


Notice how lyrics in Hip-hop flow wildly back and fourth the while the instrumentals are often repetitive and relaxed. For an example of this technique, take a look at our music videos from Cypher. This is a necessary technique for most songs since you don’t want the instrumentals to overshadow the creative impulses of the rapper. Rappers have been known to freestyle, so they have to trust that the MC will not pull a fast one on them and keep the beat flowing as expected.


Now that does make the Rapper seem more impressive than the MC, but imagine for a second what it would feel like without the Beat. It would sound kind of weird, right? Occasionally this can work, but generally the rapper needs the instrumental beat as much as the MC needs the lyrics. Even rappers that often imitate the beat on their own point to the fact that a beat is necessary for the song to have its full effect.


Now it might be easy to assume that one can create a generic Hip-hop beat and just use it for any song. But that couldn’t be further form the truth. If you look at our catalog of instrumentals, you’ll find that each beat is a completely unique song. Every song a rapper writes requires a different beat from the last, so the style of the lyrics needs to match the beat. Yes a Hip-hop beat is not too complicated, but it never boring either.


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