The Equipment you Need to Create a Portable Recording Studio

By elite on Nov 30, 2016 in Beat Author Blog -

Portable recording has been around a while now but the quality that came out of it wasn’t quite there. This was a blow to a lot of artists that had the drive to create music but not the funds to build an entire studio or rent a professional studio. Today, there’s a lot of exceptional equipment on the market that allows artists to record a track from just about anywhere. Here are the basic things you need to create a mobile recording studio.


Today’s laptops are more powerful than desktops producers used to work with years ago. In fact, a lot of professional studios use a laptop as the center for all their recording. Get a laptop that has a lot of RAM and a good battery life. If you want to get even more portable with it, a smartphone or tablet actually aren’t bad options.


A must. Without the sound protection of a studio, you’ll need a good pair of monitor headphones to block out noise and let you focus on what you’re recording.


Audio interfaces are getting small. Small enough to take on the go. If your music is based on virtual instruments and effects or leased or purchased beats, you’ll have a couple options. A quick search online will reveal some great audio interfaces with just one or two inputs.

There are some great portable recording microphones available. some even come bundled with shockmounts and pop filters.


You’ll need some software to bring everything together. If you’re using, for instance, a hip-hop beat bought online, you’ll need the software to add your vocals on top of the track and mix everything. Software can get expensive. Do your research- get the program that will work best for what you’re trying to accomplish. We recommend getting some software that lends itself well to a mobile situation- one that will allow you to use a computer keyboard as triggers.

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