Hip Hop Beat Musts

Crafting a hip hop beat is a labor of love.  You feel out what’s right and what works with the music, and it takes a certain X factor to really begin to make something beautiful.  Yet, there is definitely a formula, a list of must-haves, for any successful hip hop beat.  At Beat Author, we aim to create hip hop beats that are ready to use for you, with all of the formal elements that you expect.


There always needs to be an underlying, consistent beat for people to follow in your music.  Whether they’re aware of it or not, listeners need a pattern to latch onto so that they know roughly where they are in the song.  It’s comforting, fulfilling, and if the beat is as good as it should be, you want to hear it for the duration of the song.  Consistent, however, does not mean boring.  Variations on a theme is the key to a good beat, as you provide people with the safety blanket that is your underlying beat, while exciting them and entertaining them with little riffs on that theme.


Let the music speak for itself.  Trying to do too much with a beat serves to overshadow its best and most important elements.  Distracting listeners with tons of different sounds makes it seem like you’re trying to hide the fact that your underlying beat can’t hold up on its own.  When trying to record a song over a purchased hip hop beat, this is especially true.  Because you know that you’ll be adding to our hip hop beats, it’s essential that we start out simple to really let you and your lyrics shine.

Familiarly Different

Taking inspiration from contemporary popular acts isn’t only okay, but necessary in making an appealing and inspiring beat.  There’s a reason that popular culture is popular, and trying to be completely original in everything you do could result in some beats that are a little bit more experimental than they are enjoyable.  At Beat Author, we try to produce beats that have a similar flow to what’s popular today, while putting our own spin on it so that you know you’re getting an original and unique product.  We stay familiar while being different.

The beauty of hip hop is that it doesn’t have to be as formulaic and prescribed as other genres of music.  You can really take license with it and use instrumentals that inspire you to step away from familiar forms and make something amazing.  Trust Beat Author to produce the hip hop beats to back your next track, and visit our website, beatauthor.com, today.