Do Artists Need Record Deals to Make it?

The music business of today is vastly different from the industry we knew 10 years ago. The days of the all mighty record label are seemingly coming to an end, leaving today’s artists with hopeful visions of their future. While record labels have traditionally been the bootstrap that unknown artists pulled themselves up on, the internet has given artists a new avenue to promote their work- without sacrificing a portion of their loyalties or creative control.

The role of a record label is to advance funds to an artist so that they can get their work out there to the public. The record label invests millions in finding their new star. They give them money, time, producers and coaches to further develop their artistry- they nurture and promote them. The problem for artists is that when they sign with a traditional record label, the label then owns the rights to their work. Record deals overwhelmingly favor the label over the artist, but the internet has allowed some major changes to this formula.

The internet has given birth to a new kind of star. Burgeoning artists can put out their own original tracks or purchase a beat and make it their own. If an artist puts out a track on social media and it blows up, they’ll have an instant following waiting to hear what they put out next. They can get offers to perform at clubs across the country and cement a career in the music industry without a traditional label.

The new model in the music industry is to retain the rights to your music while partnering with a “label” that will help promote and distribute your work. This model is great for artists and is built on the idea of fairness. Artists own their work and have 100% creative control. It’s a great time to be in the music industry.