Blog Placements

Are you done working on your latest project? Single? Mixtape? Album? Video? What now you might say right? Well at Star Marketing Moguls we help you get your finished product to the ones who wanna hear or see what you’ve created. We get you featured on major & indie blogs where the attention you want is if your interested in expanding your fan base and wanna get your music more exposure blogs is a great way to do that!

If these writers of these blogs like your music they will post it up on their blog or site this in turn opens the door for you to send more music to that site or blog and also helps open the door for you to reach out to the writer and build a relationship.

Relationships are very important in any field your in. It’s who you know not what you know and theirs another one as well how you know.

Don’t wait another minute and contact us we got the most affordable blog & site placements & work with all genres. Some site/blogs we
work with are not limited to:

– This Is 50
– Gucci Mane
– Bigga Rankin
– Pigeons & Planes
– Plus More