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By Brian C on Dec 03, 2017 in Beat Author Blog -

3Stripe recently opened up to Beat Author in a new interview about his upcoming projects and his creative process when songwriting.

How did you come up with the name 3stripe?

3Stripe came up in Miami. Veronica always called me 3Stripe because I rock Adidas jackets everyday. It was only fitting.

Where are you from?

Toronto Ontario

Why did you decide to pursue music?

I was always around music growing up. I loved listening to it, and I loved performing it. The live show feeling. I could be dying but the minute the lights went out and the music started, all my problems just disappeared. It was like a drug. Later my interests shifted into the world of music production. I decided I would help build the careers of other driven creative beings. That live show feeling exists in the studio for me now. When were in the zone and were feeling the music and writing the right topline. In that moment I am truly lost. It gives me enough reason to stay in music.

What other producers, songwriters and or artist do you see as your inspiration?

Rick Rubin, Max Martin, Kanye West, Radiohead, Skrillex, Jimmy Iovine, Classical music is refreshing.

What is distinctive about 3stripe’s production ?

I’m not trying to fit in. I continue to create outside the box. I think its boring to sound just like everyone else. If you do that, you are not being innovative. Your just feeding the consumer the same watered-down shit they hear everyday. The listener should be challenged and they should ask questions. It’s been super fun to dabble with real instruments again. Incorporating real drums, guitar and bass has been super fun. I fall in love with new sounds everyday. I continue to evolve and challenge myself to top what I did yesterday. If it makes my body bounce then I know we have something special. I’m ahead of the time. Always 10 steps ahead.

What is NTG?

New Toronto Grunge is a music collective me and a few other creatives have started. I can’t say too much about it now but there are details to come 🙂

What projects are you currently working on ?

I’m currently working on the Veronica V2 mixtape, My final original production of the year comes out with CINDË a day after my birthday NOV 28 2017 ‘Trap Queen’ It’s such a punk rock attitude project. I feel that many people will relate to it. I am always writing on catalogue with my team for major label artists, The crew is getting bigger. We have many talented individuals like 5STAR, STEREO GUNS, OMAR JABER, CINDË, KYLIE, DALLAS and more who are all getting ready to release original content in 2018. Im executive producing on a lot of material these days. The roll is different but my ears are trusted. Management positions await and I am exploring these opportunities.

How did you start working with Veronica?

She showed up to the dojo (studio) with coffee. I knew it was special because nobody has ever come into their first session with a gesture like that. It was a sign of respect. @lohocams discovered Veronica at a restaurant and suggested we have a meeting. The rest is history.

Can you describe briefly how the two of you work together creatively on a project?

I can confidently say I put V through the most songwriting sessions one could go through in a year. I would challenge Veronica to write verse, pre, hook to ONE CHORD. No boundaries. I said ‘lets build’ Sometimes people say ‘it needs more’ No. It needs less. Focus on the melody. You should be able to write a song to a the sound of a doorbell. We pass the ball back and forth. Some say ‘its like having sex through the music’ because – sometimes she’s in charge, sometimes I’m in charge but at the of it we both put in the work and make something special. There are times we write to fully written beats. Sometimes its to a chord progression via piano or pad. Once that melody is solidified I build the production around that.

Is there any artist you would like to work with , that you haven’t already work with?

I’d like to throw OVO some trippy sounds. Getting in a room with (Self Titled Blink 182) Tom Delonge, Diplo, Skrillex, and Trent Reznor would be rad. Ultimate goal is to be in the same room as Rick Rubin. I want to explore his mind. I sometimes feel that when Im closing my eyes in studio, Im channeling the man. I know that sounds really crazy but especially now that I have an engineer working with me. I get to do what I do best. Listen. Thanks mom.

What can we expect from 3stripe in 2018 ?

2017 I put out a ton of remixes. 2018 we are releasing a lot of original material with the artists in the camp

What do you like to do for fun outside of working on music ?

To be honest, I don’t have much time for anything outside of music. Things keep getting busier and busier. I love it though. I am around music 24/7. When I do have the time. I enjoy researching different perspective on life. Reading is important. I love listening to classical music. I feel like it refreshes my brain from all the music I create during the week. I love my family, It’s hard for me to see them. This is all for them anyways.

Anybody you want to give a shout out to?

Shoutout to my family. I love you guys. Thank you for supporting me and trying to understand me. Were almost there. Wedding in the tropics Loho? Major shoutout to RYZILLA for teaching me, guiding me, kicking my ass and making sure nobody takes advantage of what were doing here.

Thank you to all the artists I’m working with. We cookin.

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