Artist Development

Artist Development What Is It?

Artist Development is the process any musician goes through to develop their selves and their craft to have a long lasting career in the music industry. Everything from songwriting, branding, marketing, and etc.

It used to be that the label would find an up and coming artist and develop them within the label. Now the times have changed and this development is left up to the artist, often leaving them with the question, Where and how do I start?

Artist Development as you can see, is a combination of creative and business related factors that must be dealt with to make your music, and the business run smoothly. Contact us today to see how we can help you become the star you was meant to be.

Services Include:

– Recording @ Professional Studio (4 Hours Weekly)
– Beat Production (6 Hours Monthly)
– Writers (4 Hours Monthly)
– Mixing & Mastering (10 Hours Monthly)
– Performance Training (1 Hour Weekly)
– Dance Classes ( 1 Hour Weekly)
– Digital Distribution (Free With Package)
– Plus Much More

Cost For Package $2200
Additional Classes $50/Hr